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December 2011   

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(autumn 2011)

October 2011   

Trésor: 'best journey'
On the website of Lonely Planet a visit to Trésor is mentioned as part of the 'best journey' in French Guiana!

Lonely Planet

July 2011   

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December 2010   

A Lancehead (Bothrops atrox)
eating a lizard (Neusticurus
) on the educational trail.
photo Ass. Trésor

A few interesting observations from the reserve

As supervisors of both François Catzeflis's research into small mammals and Anna and Ineke's into carbon storage (see TN 32), the foresters of Trésor noticed several special animals, particularly amphibians and reptiles, among them species perceived for the first time in Trésor or seldom seen in French Guiana.

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More messages from the rain forest.
Read about it in Trésor News 32 (Autumn 2010)

photo Renske Ek

The Trésor project

The Trésor Foundation, founded in 1995, owns about 2,450 hectares of tropical rainforest in French Guiana. The French government has recently added 1,500 hectares to this area, which is administered, through an agreement, by the local ?Association Trésor? on behalf of and in consideration with the Foundation.

Main goals
The three main goals of the reserve are:
  1. protection of the biological diversity and the existing ecosystems
  2. stimulation of scientific research and
  3. carrying out botanic and environmental education
According to the French law, the reserve has the status of 'Réserve Naturelle Régionale' and is therefore well-protected. As a result of the extension of the area via the administrative agreement, the reserve now lies completely within natural borders. A solid management plan was completed in 2008.

A high biodiversity
Inventory researches by Dutch and foreign scientists show that the Trésor Reserve has a very high biodiversity in which seven different biotopes can be distinguished and which are mostly in primeval state and are therefore worth protecting.

Management, information and education
Two foresters/information officers perform all the necessary activities on location, assisted by a group of volunteers. A reception building with varying exhibitions and a nature trail of 2 km make it possible to receive visitors. There are special programmes for school classes.

Sponsors and donors
In The Netherlands the Foundation is supported by the University of Utrecht, several sponsors from the business community, WWF and many donors. There is an adoption system for donors and more than 26,000 m² have meanwhile been adopted.
In French Guiana the 'Association' is supported by the board of Environmental Conservation of the ministry and a few sponsors.
Most of the costs are the paying off the acquisition loan and the salaries of the foresters/information officers..
Through the reserve status hunting is prohibited and many occuring disruptions elsewhere are no longer present in this area.

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